Top Attractions Around Lake Toba

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Indonesia is blessed with so many natural tourism objects. One of them is Lake Toba located in Medan, North Sumatra. If you like the feel of going back to nature, it is worth visiting this largest volcanic lake in the country. Going there, at least, you can avoid the crowded Bali and other famous places in Java to enjoy your weekend vacation. So, why do not book a Medan Lake Toba tour now?

If you are looking for a Medan travel agent on the internet, you will find many options. It can be very confusing to figure out which one is best. Take time to read the reviews from those who have experienced using the service. The travel agent should have an official website where you can get information as much as possible before leaving your desk.

Before booking a lake Toba tour package, it is important to see what is included there. Take a look if you can find some of the following popular destinations around Lake Toba:

• Samosir Island
This is a unique island because it settles in the middle of the lake. From there, you can see the Lake Toba from different angles of view. Besides that, you also have chance to learn local Batak cultures.

• Parapat town
The best spot to enjoy Lake Toba natural scenery is from Parapat town. Be sure to always get your camera with you to take pictures with the left-free monkeys.

• Lumban Silintong beach
Lumban Silintong is a village in Balige. It offers the view of Lake Toba banks where you can also find rows of cafes and eating houses. Enjoy the swimming time here. Or watch children diving and instantly get coins you throw into the lake.

• Pusuk Buhit
If you want to see the beautiful scenery and waterfall from higher location, you can go to Pusuk Buhit. The Medan tour companies usually provide buses for tourists. But to get to the top, you will need to walk about 500 meters.

• Bakara
Enjoy the view from all directions from Bakara. This place always becomes favorite among of those who like fishing.

You can first talk to the lake Toba travel agent to see if they offer the listed of popular places above in their tour packages. Or you can simply pick the available choices that suit your budget and vacation time. The common packages are 4D3N and 5D4N itineraries.

Still, have no idea from where to start? Well, you can directly contact Medan Advisor. They have the variety of popular and beautiful destinations available in several packages which are surely worth for your money, including lake Toba Brastagi Taman Simalem. The guides are passionate in tourism and able to make you get the experience of visit like locals.

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